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     Top-notch cleaning team, they did a brilliant job. We utilized them for our end of tenancy cleaning and were highly satisfied with the results. The house was perfectly clean, the prices are reasonable, and communication is consistent!
Rickey Linder19/07/2024
     Superb job on my carpet by the team. It's been a long time since it was last cleaned, but now it's as good as new. Highly recommend. Thank you!
Fiona Ashford09/07/2024
     The booking process was straightforward and the recurring schedule makes home maintenance simple. A very positive experience. Have a lovely day!
Carey Q.21/06/2024
     Outstanding work at fair prices. No negative feedback. Perfect. Great experience.
Ian M.11/06/2024
     Kudos to Southgate Cleaning Company for an excellent cleaner. Thank you!
Kim Mais 31/05/2024
     Your consistent and outstanding cleaning services make me one happy customer, thank you!
Martin Nolan17/05/2024
     With her sharp intellect and clever strategies, the cleaner brings a wealth of expertise to the job.
     With their friendly and helpful staff, Carpet Cleaner Southgate made the process of booking service effortless.
Ellen M.11/03/2024
     We were extremely impressed with the superb service we received from the enthusiastic cleaner who took charge and worked tirelessly on our carpet.
Michael Brown01/03/2024
     I highly recommend this service to anyone seeking exceptional work.
Stacy Perez19/02/2024
     Outstanding service, the difference in my carpets is night and day after Southgate Cleaning Company's cleaning!
     Exceptional supplies for the proficient window washers at unbeatable prices. Magnificent.
Frank B.30/01/2024
     I couldn't be happier with the results of hiring Cleaning Carpet Southgate to clean my carpets. They did an amazing job.
Tom S.20/01/2024
     They made sure that I was informed every step of the way before they started their work.
Albert J.18/12/2023
     Service excellence is guaranteed at an economical cost, perfect for those who want to make sure they get the best return on their investment.
David G.18/10/2023
     SouthgateCarpetCleaners provides amazing cleaning services, superior customer care and can always be relied on consistently.
David F.02/08/2023
     Getting the carpets cleaned at an economical rate is possible when you hire Carpet Cleaner Southgate. Not only were the team pleasant to work with but also did a brilliant job on the carpets!
Craig Goula23/02/2023
     I'm certainly impressed by what SouthgateCarpetCleaners did for us in terms of end of tenancy cleaning - they definitely deserve my highest recommendation. Every process was done impartially and fairly to guarantee customer satisfaction, including those additional touch ups requested by the letting agent afterwards which were completed swiftly without any issues or delays; everything was left in pristine condition and fully documented for evidence via photographs taken during cleaning. Great job - much appreciated!
Gary Bennett 26/01/2023
     This is the only cleaning service I will use. Their cleaners are professional and meticulous. They visit twice a week, and it always turns out spectacular. I would gladly recommend them to anyone needing a cleaning service in the area.
Heather W.21/05/2020
     SouthgateCarpetCleaners is a great cleaning company, best surely.
     I wish I'd hired Cleaning Carpet Southgate years ago! The cleaners at this company are real professionals. They know exactly what they are doing. I got a cost-effective service and I was really pleased with the results! My home was shining! Thank you so much!
Nick Stevens07/12/2016
     My house was in a real tip and there was far too much dirt and rubbish for me to sort out myself. SouthgateCarpetCleaners provided me with a very good value solution. They worked quickly and all of my cleaning requirements were met.
     We were moving to a new office space in less than a month and wanted to get someone in to clean our current office. We set up a contract with Southgate Carpet Cleaning for office cleaning. The team came in on time. They scrubbed the floors, bathrooms and the pantry looked brand new. It has been a pleasure to work with them.
Denny R.19/08/2015
     I highly recommend the cleaning service that SouthgateCarpetCleaners offer. I have personally used them to get my house cleaned, and several of my friends use their services as well. I think we all concur that they are a very customer friendly company. Booking services is an easy process and the cleaners are very punctual and professional. The cleaning is generally of high quality and complaints are redressed immediately. I enjoy working with them and so do my friends!
     Cleaning is not a task I enjoy, and although I love having a clean house, the effort it required was not appealing to me. I've always wanted to hire a professional cleaning company but never thought I could afford one. I heard about SouthgateCarpetCleaners through a friend and was told that they had very reasonable prices, but still offered a professional service. I decided to hire them on a one-off basis and was so impressed that they now clean my home regularly! I always see brilliant results, the staff are very lovely and the price is well within my budget!
Andy C.29/01/2015
     I wanted to come by and say my thanks to SouthgateCarpetCleaners for their recent help with getting my house cleaned up. We've been struggling for a while to fit all of the cleaning in and getting it all done was proving to be a bit of a nightmare, schedule and effort wise. So we gave them a call and quickly arranged for a sort of taster session. We were adequately impressed, but since then they've taken the cleanliness to new levels. Great service.
Nelson Reese07/01/2015
     I wanted a good flat cleaner as the flat I'm living in belongs to my parents and I have promised to keep it in a good condition for them. SouthgateCarpetCleaners sent me a very good cleaner who has consistently done great cleaning work for me and kept on top of all the day to day cleaning jobs as well as some of the long term cleaning work like cleaning the inside of the cooker and the walls of the shower room. The service I've had from this cleaning agency has been excellent and they are very good value for money.
Nick L.14/11/2014
     I've had impromptu guests before, and my house has been in such a state that I was ashamed to let them in. That's not going to be a problem anymore, since I discovered SouthgateCarpetCleaners. What I like most about their cleaning service is that it's personal. Their cleaners are easy to chat to, and always have interesting things to talk about. I get the impression that they understand the customer is important to them, and that's always nice to hear. The cleaners are very good at their job too, treating each surface with care that it deserves! My house always looks its best now, and that makes me less worried to hear a knock at my door!
Gabe B.21/08/2014
     My mom always uses SouthgateCarpetCleaners but I have only used them for the very first time this week, I just want to say thank you so much, I'm so pleased with the results, you have done a brilliant job and everyone has noticed the difference. My home feels brand new; it looks amazing and smells incredibly fresh. I cannot believe that I have never used this company before, I can understand now why my mom boasts about them so much and how she wouldn't ever consider NOT using them because they really are that good, thanks again.
     I am very pleased with SouthgateCarpetCleaners. My wife wanted to hire a cleaner to help with the housework, and I was reluctant to allow someone into our family home. I put a lot of research into finding a company that I felt I could trust, and when I called them I was very impressed with their customer service. We hired a cleaner on a one-off basis to see if we were happy, and we were more than impressed with the cleaning job! Our home was given a thorough deep-cleanse that left everything looking as good as new. It was like living in a brand new home! Low prices, friendly staff and obviously an experienced company - what more do you want for your money?